Maesteg Animal Welfare Society

M.A.W.S. is a small voluntary run rescue centre that provides a safe haven for small animals.  The charity is dedicated to caring for the lost, stray and abandoned cats and dogs in the local and surrounding area.  We have a non-destruction policy and we are committed to reducing the unwanted cat and dog problem by neutering every animal we re-home. Animals in our care receive the best in nutrition, medical care, attention and love whilst we search for loving families to re-home these unfortunate pets.

Sadly, there are so many unwanted animals in the area because of irresponsible people we may have to put you on a waiting list. Please be patient, many people are abusive if we cannot help. Sometimes a voice at the end of a phone is all that is required to solve the problem.

All our work is done via volunteers, we cover the cost of animals in our care, but time is given voluntarily, so all donations go straight to the animals. No one person is paid for their services. For emergencies are always at the end of a phone 24/7, (cats only) unlike many of the larger organisations. We try to give a personal service, when sometimes all people need is a person to give advice, we will always try to accommodate if possible.


Our kennels retired in 2018, but we still aim to help as many of our canine

friends as possible. 




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